Kids’ Painting Parties

Pottery Painting Parties For Kids

At this time, we can accommodate groups of up to 18 people (this includes any parents who may be staying).  All reservations are for up to 2 hours, and everyone who plans to remain inside the studio must be a participating painter (with the exception of 1 supervising parent who does not need to paint, but is counted towards the capacity);

The costs are simply the pottery that is painted, we do not require deposits or minimums at this time, nor do we charge an extra fee for parties. 

Please click on Schedule an Event below to reserve your time in the studio.

We also offer take home parties!  Pottery painting is a perfect activity for parties in your home, or for virtual events!  Come in to the studio to choose from our hundreds of bisque shapes, or contact us for help in customizing your event (425) 677-7334 or

Mudhouse Loves to Party!

A party at Mudhouse is fun and easy, everyone gets to paint, create and celebrate together! Plus in about 7 days you will have unique party favors that your guests made themselves!  Kids and adults both have a great time, so invite your friends and family for Birthdays, Showers, and Celebrations at Mudhouse Pottery Painting!

Pottery Painting is a great activity for:

  • birthday parties
  • scouts events
  • team celebrations
  • home-school groups
  • youth groups
  • enrichment events
  • and more!


Pottery Painting To Go!

Want to add pottery painting your party at home or other location? We can set you up with a take-home paint kit. Simply return the painted pottery for firing and your finished pieces will be ready in about 7 days for pickup!

Pottery Painting Party For Kids



When all guests are present, we give an introduction and assist with the painting portion of your party.  Feel free to bring in decorations, such as balloons and banners.  You may come in up to 10 minutes prior to your party for set up.

Parties run for up to 2 hours, and our maximum headcount at this time is 18 people, including parents. Once your party is finished, we glaze and fire your pieces and they will be ready and wrapped together for pick up in about 7 days. The party host picks up all pottery and distributes to their guests.  We will call you when your pottery is ready for pick up, please pick up promptly as we are not responsible for pottery left more than 45 days.

We are not charging party fees or requiring minimum charges at this time, you pay only for the pottery that is painted.

Party Deposit:
Due to uncertainties created by an ongoing pandemic, we are not collecting deposits at this time.  


Pottery Painting Party Ideas