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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide an excellent experience from the time you walk in the doors to the time you pick up your finished pottery. This means everything from a wide, ever-changing pottery selection; a fully stocked studio with all the tools and supplies you could need; friendly, attentive customer service; and quality processing of your pottery to assure a fully-functional finished product.

Whether you are looking for a fun activity for your little ones, some R&R for yourself, or a creative venue for your parties and events, we always strive to create a warm and welcoming environment. We may be a quiet sanctuary during the weekdays or a bustling, boisterous gathering place on weekends, but we will provide a cheerful and enjoyable atmosphere for your painting pleasure. Getting your unique, hand-made piece of art back after firing, is just the icing on the cake!

Customers say the sweetest things...

How We Started


Mudhouse Pottery Painting Studio in Issaquah

Mudhouse Pottery Painting all began in September 2012, when my husband and I decided to combine my passion for pottery with his passion for business. Once we did that, all the pieces fell into place and we took Mudhouse from concept to reality in just over a month! Since then, we have been growing, creating, and learning every day. Our adventure has brought us the chance to work with and around some amazing people, from our incredible staff to our treasured guests. The years have brought us the best employees we could hope for, and we continue to be blessed with a fun, quirky, wonderful crew! We have attracted crowd of spectacular regulars, whose familiar faces return again and again, filling our hearts with joy and our shelves with beautiful creations! We have so enjoyed getting to know the families and individuals who share their time and passion with us.

That's me on the right and I am crazy blessed to work in a place I love and helped to create. This is my happy place, I hope to share it with you!
~ Shannon Baydass